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why have a crm when you can have power of approach LMS

One of our favorite words in the dictionary is 'Approach'. According to Oxford, it not only means a certain way of dealing with a situation or a problem, but also taking the first step towards a proposal or a problem.

Since efficiency and accuracy are the principles we swear by, we are looking at a convenient and accurate scientific data management; thereby changing the way real estate is approached by developers all over the country. In this time of advanced technology, we aim to be the harbinger of the change that is required to approach the leads, sales and marketing budget, in the real estate industry of India.

We, thus, introduce you to our Real Estate Lead Management System - Approach. Now you can customize, extend and evaluate your campaigns like never before. Approach with its LMS enables you to cater to your target audience in a niche, defined and a profitable manner. So, don’t just be content with a Customer Relationship Management Software -aka- CRM, own the power of Approach Lead Management System for Real Estate.

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An End-to-End Solution

Providing you with an overall process of Approach starting from tracking your leads to cloud based solution until sales and marketing report. The complete lifecycle of a lead that will make the other Real Estate CRM look amatuer.


Take a glimpse at the modules that Approach lms has in store for you

Unlike any other real estate CRM, Approach LMS allows you to extend your communication beyond a time and place; you can customize your searches and leads, you can generate accurate results from your campaign and can automate your responses. You can do all this and much more with Approach Lead Management System for Real Estate

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A LMS That Fits Your Requirement

Every organization is different and we know it. With these plans, you can customize your features in numerous ways to suit your exact business needs which makes the other CRM for Real Estate an unwanted toy.


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  • 10-20 No. of users
  • 10,000-25,000 No. of leads
  • 1-3 No. of Projects
  • Phone Support not available
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  • Unlimited No. of users
  • Unlimited No. of leads
  • Unlimited No. of Projects
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Businesses who trust Approach

Our esteemed clientele who have chosen Approach over other not-so-friendly real estate CRMs and have discovered new avenues in their business


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Find out everything you need to know about our Lead Management System. We not only promise you better business efficiency but also profitability which no other CRM in marketplace can think of offering.