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Advanced Real Estate CRM - Approach One LMS Software

While Customer Relationship Management Software is the preferred lead generation & lead management tool in the Real Estate industry, upgrades are always happening in technology; so it's not a surprise that a new & enhanced Lead Management System had to emerge. A new and more advanced real estate management system that has struck the real estate market is the Lead Management Software, more commonly known as the LMS Software.

But why a Lead Management System software is better than a CRM Software. Here’s the breakdown between the two leading real estate software solutions i.e Real Estate LMS & Real Estate CRM Software:

Real Estate CRM is a pretty organized real estate back office management software in itself with a lot of facilities to provide. However, Real Estate LMS takes it to the next level. While on the basic level both these management systems are focused on customer relationship, LMS brings the add-on of optimized lead management. It is not as much of a difference as it is an upgrade on an already established and tight platform.

Whereas, a Real Estate LMS would provide you services like effective lead management solutions i.e LMS solutions that includes Capturing, Profiling, Follow-up & Conversion among others. Not only that, you get Campaign Management which also allows you to track the campaigns. The same goes for Leads. With two versions that offer essentially the same services with a few updates in the enterprise version an LMS Software can produce desired results and more. Not every CRM Software offers the services of LMS Software. LMS is gradually becoming the preferred software that real estate companies, agents, real estate brokers use in order to keep a set profile of their customers and their needs. Even though CRM has become rather comfortable for the real estate industry, now Lead Management Software such as "Approach One" is fast becoming a more admired model with everything coming together in one place.

Approach One empowers real estate professionals to effectively manage all aspects of real estate back office business. It is one of the best real estate back office software which is easy to deploy, saves your time and cuts down on your administrative tasks.

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