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Approach - LMS Modules Lite Enterprise
A Lead Management- Track your leads, manage them better for more closures
Capture Leads- Manual / Automated
Lead Profiling
Lead Follow up
Lead Conversion & Analysis
Quick Enquiry Capture
Features- Own Lead, Tag Lead, Add/Transfer to user(s), Touchpoints (SMS, Email, Personl visit, Telephonic, Site visit, Booking)
Bulk Lead Upload
B Campaign Management- Create and track Campaigns to get ROI
Create & Manage Campaigns from different sources
Track results of individual / all campaigns
Calculate Return on Marketing Investment
Website, Micro site(s) Contact form Integration
C Communications Automation- Engage your lead ongoing basis
SMS & Email Auto Responders
Customizable/Templatized Email send out
Email & SMS Integration with 3rd Party- Gupshup, Bhavna Tele, Mcube, etc
Customizable/Templatized SMS send out
D Cloud Telephony/Virtual Number(s)- Integration
Seamless Integration with Cloud Telephony- Mcube, Ozontel, Ameo,etc
Call on the go facility- No location boundary
Call Flow (sticky calls, round robin, etc.), Missed calls management
Call Recordings
Call Analytics
E Reporting & Big Data Analysis- Track & Analyse Interaction end to end
Basic Reports- Leads till booking
Lead Life Cycle Analysis
Insightful Dashboard
Real Time Data Analysis and Visualisation
Source wise - Return on Investment report
Customize Reports- using 26+ different type of filters
Leaderboard- across Organization
F Users, Channel Partners Management- Manage user rights & privileges
Limit on System User creation 10 to 20 Unlimited
Customizable User workflow based on Company's Business process
Channel Partner Management, Reporting
G Inventory Management- Manage inventory till booking
Manage Project Details 1 to 3 Unlimited
Auto Brochure sendout
View Live Inventory
Price Quote send out
H Workflow & Task Management- Automate your business process into workflow
Define Triggers w.r.t Leads and follow ups
Create and manage Task - individual or group wise, assign task to group, individual, to entire Organzation, etc
Manage hirarchy and automate escalation management
I Post Sales Management
Booking Management (Booking info, Costing info, Payment Slabs, etc.)
Create Cost Template
Interest Calculator
Payment Schedule reminders and management
Post Sales Tracking and Report Management
J Service & Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Application Customization (upto certain man days)
Application Hosting Cost - inclusion
White Label Mobile App- Android & iOS App; in name of Real Eastate Developer
Features- Create/manage Leads, Follow ups/Site Visits/Meetings, Channel Partner Management, Tasks, Live facts, etc.
Push Notification on mobile app - task, reminders, call followups, Bookings, etc.
Costing - Setup & implementation 1,00,000 Onwards Contact for quote